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        • Intro
        • Grid Tie Systems
        • Solar Modules
        • PV Mounting Structures
        • Wind Turbines & Accessories
        • Micro Hydro
        • Charge Controllers
        • Diversion Loads
        • Special Controls
        • Utility Intertie Inverters
        • Power Panels
        • Sinewave Inverters
        • Modified Sinewave Inverters & Autotransformers
        • Meters & Meter Accessories
        • Batteries
        • Battery Converters, Chargers, Cables, & Tools
        • PV Array Wiring Parts
        • Overcurrent Protection
        • Outback Power Systems
        • Transfer Switches
        • Wire
        • Timers & Switches
        • Wiring Accessories
        • Water Pumps
        • Fans & Controllers
        • Lighting
        • Refrigeration
        • Consumer Products
        • Technical Information

Efficient Appliances

        Replacing your appliances will significantly reduce your home energy bills.  The "energy efficient" appliances that you can buy through conventional stores use LOTS more power than the appliances that we carry.  Owning super high efficiency appliances will save you money by reducing your electricity and alternative energy system needs.    learn more...

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